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ccupational health and safety policy

Health and safety in the workplace are fundamental requirements for our manufacturing activities.

With a view to continuous improvement and evolution, Forgia del Frignano aims to improve worker health and safety as an integral part of its business by implementing an Organisational and Management Model (OMM) for Occupational Health and Safety, adapted to the company’s specific organisational and production structure.

The OMM integrates and adapts the organisational structure of the Quality Management System.

To this end, Forgia del Frignano undertakes to:

  • promote business growth without compromising worker health and safety;
  • define and plan safety objectives through formalised and controlled goals with defined frequency through the planning of appropriate internal audits;
  • select and use equipment, resources and raw materials in a rational manner, taking into account any potential risk to health and safety;
  • reduce residual risks to the health and safety of personnel through the development and implementation of appropriate training programmes, the adoption of work instructions and emergency management procedures ;
  • regularly verify, through internal audits, results achieved in relation to worker health and safety;
  • minimise occupational injury and illness by acting directly on potential sources of risk (equipment, chemical agents, behaviour, etc.) and ensuring timely and regular information updates to workers;
  • disclose information relating to accidents, injuries and near misses;
  • promote a culture of safety within the company through the involvement of all staff;
  • improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, raising its position on the market.

The achievement of these objectives is implemented through compliance with mandatory regulatory requirements and voluntary standards to which the company subscribes.

This policy is the framework reference for periodic reviews used to evaluate objectives achieved and to identify new objectives, in line with the company’s approach to continuous improvement.

Forgia del Frignano promotes the dissemination of the integrated policy among its staff, suppliers and customers. This policy is communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the company.

Individual managers shall endeavour to implement and disclose this policy.

Environmental policy

Forgia del Frignano transforms variable-diameter steel bars into pressed products of different types (transmission parts and gears in general), mainly targeting transmission component original assemblies and spare parts: the company is accredited with UNI EN ISO9001 quality certification, obtained for the first time in 1999.

Company’s environmental policy attests to its commitment to protecting the environment and includes improving its own environmental performance among the main strategic objectives. The company also emphasises the importance of the involvement of all company levels in the development and maintenance of an effective environmental management system.

In particular, the environmental management system aims to ensure compliance, in substance and in principle, with all environmental legislation applicable to the site and to continuously improve the eco-efficiency of company activities to reduce the impact on the environment, applying the most effective and economically viable methods available.

Forgia del Frignano undertakes to manage all environmental matters generated directly and indirectly by its activities based on the following principles:

  • implementing and upholding an active management system that defines roles, competences and responsibilities;
  • involving, raising awareness and training all personnel on environmental issues;
  • assessing, controlling and monitoring the environmental impacts of ongoing activities;
  • prior assessment of the environmental impacts for all new activities, products and processes;
  • preserving natural resources by taking all necessary measures;
  • monitoring the use of raw materials and implementing technologically feasible and economically sustainable solutions to optimise resource efficiency;
  • monitoring the use of electricity, including in relation to individual business production sectors, and implementing technologically feasible and economically sustainable solutions to optimise resource efficiency;
  • preventing or eliminating pollution both in normal and extraordinary conditions, including through a concrete improvement programme;
  • ensuring that the use and storage of environmentally hazardous substances necessary for company business are compliant with safety criteria;
  • promoting an open and transparent dialogue with surrounding urban and industrial areas and a collaborative relationship with public authorities, suppliers and customers, with a commitment to promulgating the principles of the environmental policy in order to encourage correct environmental behaviour.


Customers, suppliers, local communities and, more generally, any interested party may use our contact page to obtain further information (or submit any report) on the environmental impact of our business, products and services.

Code of Ethics Forgia del Frignano S.p.A.

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